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  • Are your drains emptying slowly, or not at all?
  • Tried all DIY unblocking methods but nothing’s working?

We’ll get you flowing freely again! Simply give us a call and we’ll use our specialist equipment to inspect and clear all blockages!

Often, clearing a drain blockage doesn’t require intrusive works; we can often access it from inside the pipe. We’ll find the cause of the blockage and fix it properly!

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    Get your blocked drains Cleared Today!

    How we Unblock Drains

    1: Finding the blockage

    Our experienced plumbers will use the latest CCTV camera inspection tools to visually search through your drains and assess their condition.

    We’ll find what’s causing the blockage.

    2: Clearing the blockage

    A simple blockage can be cleared using a good pressure wash from inside the pipe. Sometimes, however, an external cause triggers the blockage (such as tree roots) and this may require further work to ensure future blockages don’t happen.

    We’ll advise you on the options available and highlight our recommended, cost-effective yet permanent solution.

    Inspecting drains with cctv

    We Clear All Sorts of Blockages

    Insight Plumbing blocked toilet icon

    Blocked Toilets

    It’s times like these you’re glad the toilet bowl can hold a whole flush! Best to call us before round 2 – we’ll get things flowing again like a high fibre diet!

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    Blocked Shower Drains

    Don’t time your showers by how long before the bathroom floor floods! Call us to unblock your shower drains today then you’re free to sing away!

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    Grease Blockages

    Many commercial complexes and strata can experience grease blockages, particularly in pipe bends. We’ll get these cleared quickly.

    Insight Plumbing drain inspection camera icon

    Drain Camera Inspections

    We also conduct a general inspection around the detected blockage to ensure there’s no nasty surprises lurking!

    Do you need a blockage cleared? Call Us Today!

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    Common Causes of Blocked Drains

    There’s many reasons a drain can become blocked. It’s important that the underlying cause of the blockage be found so future episodes don’t happen.

    The following are the main causes of drain blockages we come by:

    Roots in a blocked drain

    Tree Roots

    Tree roots naturally grow towards water, and what better place than a drain! Over time, tree roots can break through even tough concrete pipes to access water. The problem is, once in, they grow like no tomorrow, ultimately blocking the drain.

    Tree roots often require accessing the pipeline, removing all roots from nearby and replacing the compromised drains.

    Don't flush wet wipes

    Bathroom Products

    Foreign objects that shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet often are! A common culprit being wet wipes and hygiene products. These items love getting snagged on the smallest nook, inviting others to the party as they come along.

    These blockages are often pumped out or pressure washed away and learning what should and shouldn’t be flushed stops future episodes.

    Oil & Grease can block pipes

    Oil & Grease

    Oil & grease congeals when it cools, forming big, cloggy bergs that easily blocks drains. These build ups are often experienced in kitchen drain blockages or in larger facilities such as apartments or commercial facilities.

    Generally, these kinds of blockages are broken up with a high pressure wash. Future episodes can be avoided by disposing of oil and grease with your rubbish.

    Hair blocking a drain


    Excess hair can easily begin clumping up into a big blockage, particularly in showers and bathrooms. Instead of forcing hair caught by the shower grate down the drain, consider placing it in the bin.

    Our drain cleaning equipment easily churns through obstructive hair balls.

    Plumbing Emergencies 100% Resolved!

    We're Melbourne's trusted plumbers because we make sure every job is 100% satisfactory! Why? Because we love happy customers!

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    Get Your Drains Unblocked Today!

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