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    Insight Plumbers And Gas proudly provide you with the best hot water systems in South East Melbourne – trusted brands used by millions of Australians.

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    • Reliable hot water units from leading brands
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    Which Hot Water System is Right for You?

    Insight Plumbing And Gas are proud to provide you with helpful advice on which hot water system is best for your needs. Learn a bit more about the different hot water systems below or give us a call to learn more.

    Storage hot water systems

    How they work:

    Storage hot water systems operate by heating an insulated tank of water. There are two fuels used for heating: gas and electric.

    The tank’s insulation minimizes heat loss, allowing these systems to be more energy-efficient.

    Gas units often feature a pilot flame that stays lit continuously, lighting the main burner when hot water is required. Electric storage heaters use heating elements inside the tank to warm the water

    Cold water enters in the bottom as hot water naturally rises to the top, flowing out when needed. 

    Are they right for you?

    You might consider a storage hot water system if some of the following are important to you:

    • Storage units are a cost effective solution, both to purchase and install.
    • You always have mains pressure for your hot water.
    • You can choose compact or large storage tanks, depending on your needs.
    • Some units can be set to operate when electricity tariffs are off-peak.
    Storage hot water system Melbourne
    Instant hot water system Melbourne

    Instant hot water systems

    How they work:

    Continuous or instant hot water systems provide hot water on demand, heating it as you need it rather than storing it in a tank.

    When you turn on a hot tap, water flows over the heating elements, ensuring an unending supply of hot water.

    This approach is highly energy-efficient because it eliminates the need to maintain a tank of hot water at a consistent temperature, reducing heat loss and waste.

    Are they right for you?

    You might consider an instant or continuous hot water system if some of the following are important to you:

    • Instant hot water units are compact in size, ideal for compact living.
    • You’ll never run out of hot water (assuming the power is on or gas is running).
    • You can save energy as it only uses energy on demand; it doesn’t have to maintain heat to a hot tank of water.
    • Instant hot water units typically have a longer lifespan than storage units.
    • Often they have a smaller environmental footprint as they use less energy.

    Heat pump hot water systems

    How they work:

    A heat pump water heater operates on a principle similar to that of an air conditioner, but in reverse!

    The heat pump harnesses heat from the surrounding air, using a refrigerant to absorb and transfer this heat to the water. By utilizing the latent heat present in the air, even in cooler conditions, it can produce hot water efficiently.

    This innovative technology not only reduces energy consumption but also has a smaller environmental footprint, making it a sustainable option for meeting your hot water needs while contributing to a greener future.

    Are they right for you?

    You might consider a heat pump hot water system if some of the following are important to you:

    • Heat pump hot water systems are environmentally friendly and can save on your energy bills – even in relatively cooler climates like Melbourne.
    • There may be government incentives available to purchase heat pump hot water systems.
    • Heat pump systems are electrically operated.
    Heat pump hot water system Melbourne

    Solar hot water systems

    Solar hot water systems harness the sun’s energy through solar panels to heat water efficiently and sustainably.

    These panels absorb sunlight, converting it into heat energy, which is then transferred either to the water directly or to a fluid within the panels that then flows through a heat exchanger inside a hot water storage tank.

    To ensure a consistent supply of hot water, these systems often include electric or gas-powered boosters.

    Solar hot water systems are renowned for their energy efficiency, although they may have a higher initial installation cost.

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