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We’ll get your toilet flowing freely again! Simply call us now and we’ll be right there. Our specialist equipment and insightful experience will identify and clear all blockages!

Whether it’s a local blockage or a struggling sewer, our experienced plumbers will find the cause and fix it so you can rest easy as everything flows freely.

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    Get your toilet Cleared Today!

    How We Unblock Toilets

    1: Find the cause of the blockage

    Whilst most blocked toilets arise from lodged foreign material, it could be issues further down the line.

    Problems down the line are often accompanied by struggling or blocked drains elsewhere. A local blockage could simply be within the toilet trap or nearby, and can consist of things like toys, too much toilet paper, or similar.

    2: Clear the blockage

    Often a blocked toilet needs the obstruction cleared, or a good pump of pressure to push it through.

    If the sewer is the issue, we’ll use our specialised tools to clear your sewer lines and remove the backlog.

    If need be, our licensed plumbers can locate the exact position of blockages and obstructions. But whatever the case, you can rest assured that when you call Insight Plumbers, we’ll be right over and get you flowing freely again in no time!

    Unblocking a blocked toilet

    Why Choose the Insightful Plumbers?

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    Fix the Cause

    We find the cause of the issue so you can avoid repeat episodes.

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    Fast Response

    Blocked toilets are never convenient! We’ll be out there and get it fixed quickly!

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    As 4th generation plumbers, we have an idea of what to look out for! We don’t take shortcuts.

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    Specialist Equipment

    We have all the tools to find blockages, including drain cameras if need be.

    Do you need your toilet unblocked? Call Us Today!

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    Common Causes of Blocked Toilets

    There’s many reasons a toilet can become blocked. It’s important that the underlying cause of the blockage be found so future episodes don’t happen.

    The following are the most common causes of blocked toilets that we come by:

    Roots in a blocked drain

    The Toilet becomes a Toy-let

    Toys can single-handedly transform your seemingly ordinary bathroom into a chaotic mess in no time!

    Blockages from obstructing toys or other foreign objects often worsen with each flush because toilet paper and the like gets caught, creating an even bigger blockage!

    Don't flush wet wipes

    Bathroom Products

    Other products, such as sanitary products and wet wipes are often flushed down the loo instead of disposed of properly.

    Even ‘flushable’ wipes have a peculiar affinity for latching onto the tiniest crevices, inviting other debris to join the party as they accumalate, eventually causing a blockage.

    These obstructions are often fixed by pumping or jet washing away and learning about what is suitable (and not) for flushing can prevent future occurrences.

    The innocent deodoriser

    Deodorisers and Toilet Paper

    Deodorisers sometimes fall off their perch, finding a new lodging place within the tight bends of the toilet trap or sewer pipes.

    Excessive amounts of toilet paper can also clump together, particularly in junctions and corners in pipes.

    Removing the foreign object and a good jetting often fixes these blockages, but it helps to use toilet paper wisely – like we did back in Covid times! Or at least consider a courtesy flush 😉.

    Roots in a blocked drain

    Tree roots

    As trees seek moisture and nutrients, their roots can infiltrate underground sewer pipes through tiny cracks or joints. Once inside, these roots continue to grow, eventually creating blockages and causing damage to the pipes.

    These blockages often require replacing the penetrated pipeline and removing all surrounding roots.

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